About Patristic Faith

Patristic Faith is a home for those who seek traditional Orthodox teachings. A refuge from the watered-down, superficial, and politically-correct Christian content found online. Our ministry focuses on promoting an Orthodox ascetical life of prayer and participation in Liturgical services, instructing people on the spiritual virtues, commemorating the lives of the saints, teaching the traditions of the Fathers and defending the faith (apologetics). Ultimately, Patristic Faith aims to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and provide continuing education to Orthodox Faithful through publications and media that serves to edify, educate, and teach how to live a Christian life.

Meet our Team

Fr Deacon Ananias Headshot
Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Sr Contributor

Fr. Deacon Ananias Sorem, PhD is CEO, Founder, and President of Patristic Faith. Father is an Orthodox apologist and Professor of Philosophy at Fullerton College and Carroll College. He has a BA in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, together with an MA (Honors) and PhD in Philosophy (Epistemology; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Mind) from University College Dublin. His current academic work focuses on philosophical theology, epistemology, and the philosophy of science. Father is the author of several articles and peer-reviewed papers, including: “Searle, Materialism, and the Mind-Body Problem,” “Gnostic Scientism and Technocratic Totalitarianism,” “An Orthodox Approach to the Dangers of Modernity and Technology,” and “An Orthodox Theory of Knowledge: The Epistemological and Apologetic Methods of the Church Fathers.” He is also known for his YouTube channel, the Norwegian Nous, where he provides content on theology, apologetics, logic, and philosophy. His work can be found here.

chase headshot
Editor / Design / Development

Chase supports Patristic Faith as a web manager, graphic designer, SEO specialist, copywriter, content editor, and with the general development of the ministry. He also owns and operates a marketing agency that specializes in product marketing, web design, public-relations, copy-writing, and direct response advertising.

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