Fr Spyridon on spiritual self-deception

We are excited to announce that the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr is partnering with Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church and Patristic Faith as a sponsor of the upcoming conference, MontaNIKA. This Pan Orthodox Conference, centered around the theme “Seek First the Kingdom of God,” will take place from June 7th
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Elder Ephraim of Arizona and Mt Athos encourages us when our spiritual lives seem cold.
Father Spyridon on entering the Kingdom of God
Reflections on the nature of faith and what Christ calls us to in order that we may be justified.
Fr Spyridon on how we cannot run from spiritual warfare
Teachings from Church Fathers and Elders about humility.

Words and consolation from our sweetest Lord Jesus come in various ways. This past week I encountered a rather tumultuous situation, in the midst of which two dear priests (I believe unbeknownst to each other) shared this letter by St. Justin Popovich with me. Although I fall short, it brought words of consolation to me.
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Fr Spyridon on the mystery of marriage.

A core teaching of “climate change” is that humanity itself is the primary problem. The proponents of “climate change” clearly state things like, “Scientists have no doubt that humans are causing global warming.” What then is the vital cure, in their understanding? – A strict management of people and the manner in which they live. This management agenda is
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The Church fathers remind us to abandon false understandings of what it means to be a human being.

I remember back to my elementary school days in the 1980s, I had a sweet bowl-cut, knee-high socks – yes, white with colored stripes on the top – plaid shorts and a long underwear shirt under my tee-shirt. Yes, I was bold enough to mix plaid and stripes. Sometimes I think the 90’s Grunge movement
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Father Spyridon on the question "Is salvation by faith alone or by works?"

Here is the second part of a portion of St. Nikolai Velimirovich’s work entitled, War and the Bible. As I noted in the preface to the first part, “I am already invested in the labor of directly translating the sermons of St. Seraphim (Zvezdenski), On the Divine Liturgy (in which translation I sit with the
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Reflections on the feast of the Annunciation.

A bit ago, my wife came upon an audio version, in Russian, of a work by St. Nikolia Velimirovich entitled, War and the Bible. As is her custom, she listens to various audiobooks while doing this or that around the house, many a time small crumbs of audio wisdom waft my way as I am doing
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Father Spyridon on what we must do to inherit eternal life.
St. Seraphim reminds us that the only way to rise up from the darkness that surrounds our world and us is through the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, specifically in the Divine Liturgy. May we, as he exhorts us to do, cling with all our strength to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Father Spyridon Bailey on Faith and Works

The “divisions” in global Orthodoxy center heavily around ecclesial events in Ukraine where, in an abrupt and unilateral manner, the Patriarch of Istanbul, Bartholomew, recognized a conglomerate of pseudo-orthodox groups as, in his view, the legitimate “Orthodox Church” in Ukraine. He did this regardless of the fact that Ukraine had an established and canonical Orthodox
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