The Orthodox Missionary Crisis in America

At least 98% of the citizens Canada and America are unaware of the benefits and spiritual treasures available in Christ’s Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. Clearly, we are not following the Great Commission effectively, nor are we following in

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“Whosoever shall follow Me…”

A way to understand carrying the Cross is ‘maturity.’  When we are young, existence throws many burdens on our shoulders: our minds, our bodies, our families, our societies, etc.  The world is mystifying and hard, yet as we

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Hellenistic Moral Flexibility or Byzantine Intrigue?

Like many in the Church, I was dismayed to receive news of the latest gaffe from the “Ecumenical Patriarchate,” this time in the form of titular Archbishop Elpidophoros’ widely-publicized Baptism of children of an unrepentant American  ‘gay couple’

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Facing Hard Questions about Salvation

Much has been written in recent years about the question of universal salvation. Several authors have shown in detail that universalism is not and can never be the teaching of Orthodoxy, since it is incompatible with both Scripture

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The Journey Through Pandemia

It has been almost two years since the appearance of COVID-19 changed life as we know it. This far in, we seem to have more questions than answers. To help us on our journey through the strange “new

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