Nightly Nous / Giving Tuesday 11.29.22

Holy Scripture says that you will know a tree by its fruit. What kind of tree will the world, non-Orthodox Christians, identify us as? In other words, will we be known as Orthodox Christians? First, we may want

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The Orthodox Missionary Crisis in America

At least 98% of the citizens Canada and America are unaware of the benefits and spiritual treasures available in Christ’s Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. Clearly, we are not following the Great Commission effectively, nor are we following in

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IOTA Conference Fundraiser

The IOTA conference is the largest Orthodox conference ever held, and its inaugural conference was four years ago in Iasi, Romania, where you might remember I attended and presented my paper on the Dangers of Modernity and Technology.

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Hellenistic Moral Flexibility or Byzantine Intrigue?

Like many in the Church, I was dismayed to receive news of the latest gaffe from the “Ecumenical Patriarchate,” this time in the form of titular Archbishop Elpidophoros’ widely-publicized Baptism of children of an unrepentant American  ‘gay couple’

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