Africa’s New Deaconess: What’s the Bother?

Maybe you’ve heard the old Bolshevik saying, “The worse things get, the better things are.” It makes sense for revolutionaries intent on overthrowing the existing order: The worse things get, the more dissatisfied people will be with things

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The Eternal Paradise of the Cross

The Eternal Paradise of the Cross

My dear readers, during this most beautiful week of the Cross, in the middle of the Great Fast, I wanted to share with you the words of the holy Archbishop Averky. They are from his work, “The Kingdom

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Fr. Dcn Ananias on Seeking Balance: Montanika 2023

In the heart of the Montanika Conference, where minds and spirits converge, Fr. Dcn Ananias’ presentation on “Balancing Work, Family, and Faith” illuminated the path to a more harmonious existence. His words resonated deeply, offering a beacon of

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The Disobedient Disciple

Below the reader will find a beautiful account of a disciple who through his seeming lack of strict obedience brought forth great fruit. He rightly coupled discernment with obedience. For without discernment, it is possible for obedience to

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