Sight: A Cause for Scandal

– O Lord, I am no one. Just a blind beggar in the outer court. I have no eyes to see, I have no wealth by which to live. I am forgotten and despised by men. Have mercy

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Sinister Psychosis and the Remembrance of God

Foundational to Christian living is the remembrance of God. Remembrance while waking. Remembrance while at work. Remembrance while fulfilling the duties of life. Remembrance while going to sleep. The Christian must be cultivating the remembrance of God in

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Living According To God’s Will

Living According To God’s Will was written by Metropolitan Philaret, first hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, whose relics were found to be incorrupt, indicating a saintly life. This book is aimed at those who are new to the Orthodox

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“When you rise…”

Each and every day should begin with our thoughts turned towards God. At the very moment we open our eyes, we should be thanking the Lord for having slept through the night, safely, and give thanks for a

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The Ladder Of Divine Ascent

The Ladder Of Divine Ascent by Saint John Climacus is a book intended for monks and the spiritually advanced, yet I read it as a neophyte around the time of my baptism into the Orthodox Church. Much of it just went

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Reverence in Church

We must practice reverence in the temple, whether during services or when we step into the church to light a candle and venerate the holy icons. The temple is the place set apart for the worship of the

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Standing before God

Standing before God has been the only acceptable posture for Orthodox Christians from the earliest of times. We recognize that a faithful servant would never sit before his master, for the faithful are all servants of the Lord,

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The Prayer Rule

One medicine for the heart is the use of a “Prayer Rule.” This “Rule” is of the utmost importance, for the prayer rule helps develop the discipline we all need to progress, spiritually. It is one of the

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The Temple of the Living God

My dear readers, below you will find a translation of a sermon by the New Hieromartyr Seraphim (Zvezdinski). It is the first of twenty two sermons specifically on the subject of the Divine Liturgy. It is, as far

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