Exposition of the Orthodox Faith: Nature of God, Holy Trinity, Divine Energies

As we are back to high effort powerpoint video presentations, in this video I give a review of St. John of Damascus’ Book I on the Exposition of the Orthodox Faith. St. John of Damascus is one of the most significant Church Fathers, and his writings on the Orthodox faith is treated as a systematic theology book par excellence, he is highly revered both east and west and his life is inspiring, for the life of St. John of Damascus, watch this:

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The Disease of Secular-Humanism and the Cure

Events in the world seem to be transpiring at breakneck speed. This is intentional. Keeping people swirling in a hurricane of sensory and informational overload is a psychological tactic, moreover, it is a spiritual tactic of the enemy. His toadies in this world simply execute his tactics and agendas. Illness, civil and political unrest, war, climate, threat of shortages, increase in expenses, and on the list goes. Most of these are controlled and constructed events. The goal is to keep people off balance and to immobilize them with confusion, doubts, anxieties, fears, and so forth. In such a spiritual state it is much easier to manipulate people. And manipulation is the goal.

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Filioque Refuted

Another Filioque video, this time a response against Catholic Answers. This video refutes Tim Staples’ article on the Filioque and the Filioque quote mine to illustrate that not only is Catholic Answers wrong on the Filioque, they in fact reject Roman Catholic dogma on the Filioque!

Of course there will be people very angry at the fact that I even dared to defend my faith and critiqued an article that stated many factually wrong things, but those who can see through the matrix I think will genuinely appreciate to see the genuine eastern patristic tradition being used to understand the Filioque controversy which is exactly what’s needed.

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The Kingdom Proclaimed by the Angels and Prophets

The second part of the Divine Liturgy bears the name, “The Liturgy of the Catechumens.” It is named thus because catechumens – those preparing to receive holy baptism – are permitted to be present while it is served. Besides catechumens, Jews and pagans [unbelievers] could be present at this portion also, if they desired to hear the service. In ancient times this whole section of the Liturgy took place in the middle of the church [the nave]. In those days, there were not yet set prayers because from the mouths of the faithful worshippers sprang forth fiery hymns and brief prayerful sighs, from which later our [current] songs and litanies were composed.

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Joyful Light: A Sermon by St. Sebastian Dabovich

Below the reader will find a sermon by one of the few American-born Orthodox saints, Sebastian Dabovich (1863-1940). The sermon was originally printed in the 1966 September – October issue of the Orthodox Word, pp. 129-132. All end notes are from the original article.V

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