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Where Will Ancient Faith’s Bloggers Go?

We clergy at Patristic Faith and the Patristic Faith team would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers. God has truly blessed our ministry. As many of you know, our contributors are among the most influential Orthodox content creators online. God has certainly used them to bring the healing message of the Gospel and timeless truths of Orthodoxy to a broken world. We are grateful that through God’s grace, the contributors on Patristic Faith have been extremely successful in directing people from virtual world, where many spend most of their time, to real concrete communities and parishes under the guidance of parish priests who offer the healing medicine of pastoral care. We want to advance our Orthodox Trinitarian Incarnational theology, which places an important emphasis on concrete communities, by continuing to direct people to local Orthodox parishes. We also want to equip the faithful with the tools necessary for correctly understanding their Faith and for acquiring the spiritual virtues that lead to salvation and theosis.

We have many amazing upcoming announcements concerning various new additions to Patristic Faith and the plans to expand and grow our ministry. We are really excited to share all the wonderful news with you. If you haven’t subscribed to Patristic Faith to receive our newsletters and announcements, you can do so here: www.patristicfaith.com/subscribe/.

Moreover, in light of Ancient Faith’s recent announcement that they are moving in a different direction and will be discontinuing their blog sections, we would like to invite any of those Orthodox bloggers to come join our team at Patristic Faith by sending us an email stating your intention to join Patristic Faith’s contributors, as well as providing a short explanation concerning the theme(s) of your blog. Our board will review your application and consider giving you a wonderful platform to host your blog. We want to remind everyone that any Orthodox Christian in good standing may submit an article for review and have their piece published on Patristic Faith. If you believe that you have a talent for writing and have something that would fit Patristic Faith’s mission and ministry, please send in a sample for review. You can contact us here: www.patristicfaith.com/contact-us/

Help us at Patristic Faith continue to equip Christians to be warriors and noble athletes for Christ. Again, we cannot continue this wonderful ministry without your help. Therefore, please consider supporting us in any way you can. Help us fight the good fight! Every penny and donation counts and helps us continue this amazing ministry God has blessed us with. www.patristicfaith.com/donate/

Thank you,

Patristic Faith

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