Today is Giving Tuesday! 

“Everlasting King, Thy will for our salvation is full of power. Thy right arm controls the whole course of human life. We give Thee thanks for all Thy mercies, seen and unseen. For eternal life, for the heavenly joys of the Kingdom which is to be. Grant mercy to us who sing Thy praise, both now and in the time to come. Glory to Thee, O God, from age to age.”

(Kontakion I, “The Akathist of Thanksgiving”) 

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and as Christians we have so much to be thankful for. As Orthodox, we know that we are Eucharistic beings (“Eucharist” meaning to give thanks) made in the image of God and therefore we are called to see the blessings of the Lord in all of creation and give thanks for His bountiful graces that He bestows upon us. We are now entering into Nativity and we prepare our hearts to give thanks to God for sending His Son, born of the Virgin Mary, to renew nature, bring salvation, and conquer death so that we may live and participate in the glorious restoration of the entire cosmos in the age to come, where God will be “all in all.” 

We at Patristic Faith have so many things to be thankful for and we want to share with you some exciting news and additions to our Patristic Faith ministries. First, we would like to welcome our most recent contributor to Patristic Faith, Fr. Moses McPherson, who provided us with a wonderfully balanced Orthodox analysis of Halloween. You can find Father’s video on our website here: We are thankful to have Fr. Moses, and we look forward to more contributions from him to Patristic Faith.  

We are also thankful for our collaboration with Lore Coffee Roasters, and we are honored to bring you the highest caliber of coffee, handpicked from Honduras. Consider supporting this partnership that values not only exceptional brew, but also the shared Orthodox Christian principles this Nativity Season. By choosing this coffee, you’re not just savoring a cup, you’re actively supporting Patristic Faith’s ministry and endorsing the excellence of Lore Coffee Roasters. Experience the rich notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Lemon, and Almond, and join a community that believes in quality, values, and the joy of meaningful collaboration. Your choice is more than a coffee purchase; it’s a statement of faith and support for businesses aligned with your principles. Order now: 

Finally, we are thrilled to announce the official release and opening up of the Patristic Faith Store to the public! By popular demand, Patristic Faith has decided to provide several university/college level philosophy courses for extremely discounted prices. As many of us know, the current university or college system does not provide the tools necessary for critical thinking. Liberal arts and the humanities are now devalued, or in some cases, even abolished from colleges and universities. Campuses today are not places that promote or allow free and critical thought. They have become political, divisive, and do not equip students with the intellectual and moral virtues necessary to become decent family members or virtuous citizens in society and the workplace. College and university degrees are no longer wise career investments. Colleges and universities are no longer affordable but are monopolistic price gougers that have purposely shunned affordability to establish a cronyism with the Federal government, banks, and loan companies to artificially drive up tuition to force students to incur larger and larger amounts of debt. Furthermore, bachelor degrees are no longer proof that a graduate can read or write effectively. Both college entrance test scores and grading standards have significantly dropped in the last decade. And student performance is at an all time low. Therefore, Patristic Faith has decided to offer quality college level courses in philosophy, ethics, logic, political philosophy, philosophy of science, and epistemology to the public for a fraction of the cost of contemporary colleges and universities. Patristic Faith is also offering live, one-on-one tutoring, at very affordable and reasonable rates. Many more products, not just limited to courses and tutoring, will be made available on the Patristic Faith Store soon. So go check out our new store and avail of the many amazing products that we have to offer: https:/ 

Again, we are thankful for all our stewards that have supported Patristic Faith. We have many continuing expenses that include, but are not limited to, maintaining and operating our websites, projects, stores, etc. It is imperative that your support for Patristic Faith continue. We prayerfully attempt to do our best, but we cannot continue this wonderful ministry that God has blessed us without your support. Since we have so many things to be thankful for, would you consider supporting Patristic Faith this Nativity Season by giving a charitable contribution? Every penny and donation counts and helps us continue to grow and share the many blessings God has so graciously given to Patristic Faith. Please consider supporting us in any way you can:  

Thank you,  

Patristic Faith   

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