Understand the Signs of the Times (part 1)

Understand the Signs of the Times (part 1)

Below the reader will find a most spiritually profitable talk given by Archbishop Averky of blessed memory on the teachings of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov). I have provided the text “as is” below, it is taken from a collection

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Schismatics, Whitewashed Tombs, and Ukraine

Clearly, True Christianity has doctrine, it has canons, it has good order, and so forth as the Scripture and Tradition instruct. Canons and doctrines are in place to protect and make evident the true revelation and encounter with

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Neo-Babel Ecumenism

The goal of modern Ecumenism is global religious pseudo-unity; it is Anti-Church (Ecclesia), that is, it seeks to create a new “body” which will be perfectly disposed to receive a new “head.” (Note: I am using Ecumenism in

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Courage in the Face of Deceitful Compromise

The Lord calls His people to be strong and courageous in Him. St. Paul commands, “Keep on watching, standing fast in the faith, conducting yourselves in a courageous way, and being strong. Let all your things be done with

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