Hellenistic Moral Flexibility or Byzantine Intrigue?

Like many in the Church, I was dismayed to receive news of the latest gaffe from the “Ecumenical Patriarchate,” this time in the form of titular Archbishop Elpidophoros’ widely-publicized Baptism of children of an unrepentant American  ‘gay couple’

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What Is Orthodox Christianity?

The Holy Standards was given to me by my godfather after I was received into ROCOR. It’s a compilation of the sacred creeds, confessions, and catechisms that make up the foundation of the Orthodox Church. Specifically, it contains the Nicene-Constantinopolitan

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Putting Off The Old Man

At the moment we’ve committed ourselves to a life in Christ, change takes place. We begin walking the path of repentance, putting off the ‘old man’ and putting on Christ. The waters of baptism began this change, and

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