You may not not kiss the Icon

You may not, not kiss the Icon

Many people are already familiar with the theological teaching behind the use of icons as proclaimed especially in the writings of Ss. John of Damascus and Theodore the Studite. A little while ago, I began seeking to find

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The Divine Liturgy Holds Back the Tide of Evil

The Divine Liturgy Holds Back the Tide of Evil

St. Seraphim lived during the Communist Revolution in Russia, a time of great upheaval and turmoil. He himself ended his life in martyrdom. Many misfortunes, plagues, and famines afflicted the Russian Empire as it was violently transformed into

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The Lord, Who has Revealed Himself to Us

Below the reader will find my translation from the Russian of sermons 12 and 13 “On the Divine Liturgy,” by St. Seraphim (Zvezdenski).  Previous sermons may be found here. All titles and footnotes are my own.

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Proskomedia: The Liturgy of Preparation

My friends, if you are asked, “Who are you?” How would you answer? Answer in this way – a Christian! Yes – Christian – what an honorable name. For this name the first Christians did not spare even

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A Heavenly Outline

Below the reader will find my continued work in translating the sermons of New Hieromartyr Seraphim (Zvezdinski) on the Divine Liturgy. May these sermons deepen in us a love and awe for the holy and divinely revealed worship

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