The Time of Testing has Come

The Time of Testing has Come

St. Nikon was one of the last Elders of the Monastery of Optina. He served in Optina until it was totally shut down by the Soviets in the early 1920s. St Nikon, like hundreds of thousands of other

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The Optina Martyrs

At The Ringing Of The Bells details the lives and faith of three monks (Hieromonk Vasily, Monk Therapont, and Monk Trophim) who were all killed by a Satanist during a Paschal celebration at the Optina Monastery in Russia in

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Courage in the Face of Deceitful Compromise

The Lord calls His people to be strong and courageous in Him. St. Paul commands, “Keep on watching, standing fast in the faith, conducting yourselves in a courageous way, and being strong. Let all your things be done with

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You Must Suffer

One of the most difficult topics concerning Christianity is suffering. Lord Jesus Christ called us to pick up and carry our cross while not being of the world, but how much suffering is too much? Should we attempt

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