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Father Spyridon Bailey

Father Spyridon is an Orthodox priest serving in ROCOR in England and a prolific author of many spiritual books. Orthodoxy And The Kingdom of Satan has drawn most attention because of its exploration into the ways in which Satan is working to construct a One World Government through the institutions we see in today’s world. It explains how many trends in modern culture, including Hollywood, ecumensim and the arms trade are being exploited to enslave us. Fr Spyridon spoke out about the sexual deviance in Hollywood long before the Harvey Weinstein case hit the media.
Fr Spyridon’s most recent book, The UFO Deception, explores the UFO phenomenon and identifies how movies, technology and philosophy have been used to guide public perception of what is happening. But as a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, he demonstrates a much longer history that lies behind it, and how a terrible deception is at work.


The Church Fathers give practical advice on how we should think about the pain caused …

We all face struggles, but Christ offers peace of heart

We in this age must be particularly aware of the warning from the Church Fathers …

The soul is darkened by moral corruption.
We in this age of spiritual weakness will still have martyrs

Repentance is often abandoned because of the discomfort it can bring, but the saints remind …

Only one thing is needed in this life
Every prayer for the dead is an act of mercy
The impact of television is in direct conflict with the teaching of the Church Fathers
The spiritual meanings of Sunday and the Sabbath
The fullness of Christ's joy is alien to the world's thinking
We must not refuse what God has given to prepare us for death.
Suffering does not have to lead to misery
St Gregory Palamas warns of an eternal condition worse than possession
Politicians do not have the authority to determine whether abortion is permissible.
The saints are our guides in the spiritual life.
The power and significance of our speech must not be ignored.

In His mercy God has revealed to us the nature of the judgement that is …

God has revealed all that is necessary for our salvation.
Purification of our inner life
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