Christianity Transformed into Humanism

Christianity Transformed into Humanism

As Orthodox Christians living in the 21st century we as traversing through perilous times. The Truth of Christ in His Church is being relentlessly assaulted in a manner no less than that utilized by Godless Communism in the 20th century,

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On Truth and Love

Below the reader will find the work of St. Theophan the Recluse, “On Truth and Love.” On some of my social media accounts, I posted the recent statement from the Synod of the OCA, “On Same-Sex Relations and Sexual

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Filioque Refuted

Another Filioque video, this time a response against Catholic Answers. This video refutes Tim Staples’ article on the Filioque and the Filioque quote mine to illustrate that not only is Catholic Answers wrong on the Filioque, they in

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