Christianity and War

Christianity and War

Here is the second part of a portion of St. Nikolai Velimirovich’s work entitled, War and the Bible. As I noted in the preface to the first part, “I am already invested in the labor of directly translating

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The Cause and Idol of War

The Cause and Idol of War

A bit ago, my wife came upon an audio version, in Russian, of a work by St. Nikolia Velimirovich entitled, War and the Bible. As is her custom, she listens to various audiobooks while doing this or that around

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The Time of Testing has Come

The Time of Testing has Come

St. Nikon was one of the last Elders of the Monastery of Optina. He served in Optina until it was totally shut down by the Soviets in the early 1920s. St Nikon, like hundreds of thousands of other

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Understand the Signs of the Times (part 1)

Understand the Signs of the Times (part 1)

Below the reader will find a most spiritually profitable talk given by Archbishop Averky of blessed memory on the teachings of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov). I have provided the text “as is” below, it is taken from a collection

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Misplaced Priorities

Our laziness and misplaced priorities regarding the Sunday and holy day services, keep us from our obligations to God, and endanger the soul, for in keeping ourselves away from God’s temple, we remain afar from the cure that

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All Consuming Love

It is good to remember that in Orthodox teaching, heaven and hell are not about places, but about relationships. God is everywhere, and He did not create a heaven for some, and a hell for others. We choose

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