Not for Cowards

When clear matters of the faith are blatantly assaulted, every sober-minded Orthodox Christian is called to stand up and make a courageous answer. There exists a pseudo-humility. This false idea turns humility and meekness into spinelessness and cowardice,

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Humility does not require we think poorly of ourselves, nor be given over to self-loathing. Just as we must not be over-lauding ourselves, we must not sink to a state of self-loathing, for both states have their basis

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The Optina Martyrs

At The Ringing Of The Bells details the lives and faith of three monks (Hieromonk Vasily, Monk Therapont, and Monk Trophim) who were all killed by a Satanist during a Paschal celebration at the Optina Monastery in Russia in

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The Ladder Of Divine Ascent

The Ladder Of Divine Ascent by Saint John Climacus is a book intended for monks and the spiritually advanced, yet I read it as a neophyte around the time of my baptism into the Orthodox Church. Much of it just went

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The Theology of Humility with Fr. Turbo Qualls

In this stream I am joined by Fr. Turbo Qualls to discuss the unique theology of Jesus Christ’s humility. Orthodox Christianity places a large emphasis on humility as a path to God and in this conversation we unpack

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