The Birth of a New Religion – Part 4

The use of the word “ecumenical” with reference to the Church has been twisted to mean something entirely different than it has meant historically. The word itself literally means “universal,” but in the context of the Church it

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The Birth of a New Religion – Part 3

Renovationists are people who see that the Church is out of sync with the modern world, and rather than conclude that the world needs to repent and come into line with the teachings of the Church, instead assume

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The Birth of a New Religion – Part 2

The fact that today we have people openly promoting the LGBTQP agenda in the Orthodox Church is something that was unthinkable less than a dozen years ago. But here we are. They are vocal minority to be sure,

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The Birth of a New Religion – Part 1

In recent years, there are lines of division that not only show the signs of an emerging schism in the Orthodox Church — it is becoming increasingly clear that we are witnessing the birth of a new religion,

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The Real Enemy

My heart breaks for what I am witnessing, for as an American of Scandinavian and Scottish ancestry, I am broken hearted at what I see as a mass exodus from Christianity in the land of my birth. That

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