The Gate Is Narrow, Few Will Enter

We can have lofty thoughts about God. We can have feelings and believe that these feelings somehow represent faith. BUT Do not put your trust in feelings. They are things of psychology and emotion. They are generated within

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How Am I Saved?

How are we saved? What is the process by which God is saving us? Is it enough to agree with the historical reality of Christ’s death and resurrection? To say, I believe this? Is it enough to say

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What Is Orthodox Christianity?

The Holy Standards was given to me by my godfather after I was received into ROCOR. It’s a compilation of the sacred creeds, confessions, and catechisms that make up the foundation of the Orthodox Church. Specifically, it contains

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Total Commitment

Christianity is a religion of asceticism, instructing us to store up our treasures in heaven, where the benefits have eternal value. Throughout the New Testament we read of the importance of struggle, where focus on the acquisition of

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