Man Up

A special Father’s Day message from Fr Hans Jacobse. He touches on the importance of Fathers in the modern world.

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How Am I Saved?

How are we saved? What is the process by which God is saving us? Is it enough to agree with the historical reality of Christ’s death and resurrection? To say, I believe this? Is it enough to say

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Essence Energies Distinction in the Bible

The doctrine of the divine energies in so-called “Palamism” is very controversial and seen as a 14th century innovation, but it in fact has a very strong scriptural basis for its existence, this video aims to explore this

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Technomagic with Jay Dyer and Tristan Haggard

In this stream I am joined by Jay Dyer and Tristan Haggard to discuss all things technology and it relationship to magic. We will be reflecting upon the famous quote by Arthur C. Clarke “Any sufficiently advanced technology

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The Theology of Humility with Fr. Turbo Qualls

In this stream I am joined by Fr. Turbo Qualls to discuss the unique theology of Jesus Christ’s humility. Orthodox Christianity places a large emphasis on humility as a path to God and in this conversation we unpack

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Does the Incarnation Contradict God?

This video aims to answer two main questions that are at the heart of the logical explanation of the incarnation: What does it mean for God to be “invisible”, “immaterial”, “infinite” etc. and whether it is shameful for

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Response to the Omnipotence Paradox

The Omnipotence Paradox is a very popular basic pop level argument against Theism, but is it really that good of an argument, or does it make a fatal mistake in understanding what “omnipotence” means?

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