Christ Being Tempted, Garden of Gethsemane & Two Wills

In this video I talk about two topics and connect them with each other: Christ being tempted in the desert and His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. I mainly answer the question of whether we can speak of Christ truly being tempted and how we can understand His prayer in the garden of gethsemane using patristic witness such as St. Maximus the Confessor and St. John of Damascus.

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The Lord, Who has Revealed Himself to Us

Below the reader will find my translation from the Russian of sermons 12 and 13 “On the Divine Liturgy,” by St. Seraphim (Zvezdenski).  Previous sermons may be found here. All titles and footnotes are my own.

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Christ as the One Mediator between God and Man

Many Protestants use 1 Timothy 2:5 as an anti-ecclesial quote, this video explains the main purpose of St. Paul’s statement about Christ being the one mediator in the sense that Christ mediates the two natures: Divinity and humanity in His hypostasis/person.

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The Antiphons: Hymns of Holy Delight

Below the reader will find my translation of sermon 11 in the series of sermons by St. Seraphim on the Div. Liturgy. May his inspired words of explanation on the Div. Liturgy continue to stir up in us a deeper love for God and a greater zeal to worship Him. (All titles are my own for the purposes of my blog).  Previous sermons may be found here.

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Orthodox Christology and Refutation of Nestorianism & Monophysitism

In this video I talk about patristic Christology in St. John of Damascus’ Exposition of the Orthodox Faith Book 3. St. John talks about the doctrine of the two natures, wills and energies in Christ alongside refutations of Nestorian and Monophysite beliefs about Christ. This video will help you understand the basics of Christian theology.

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Sacred Fear of the Holy Things

Below the reader will find a beautiful excerpt from a sermon by St. Sebastian (Dabovich) For Holy Communion. The excerpt is from an old Orthodox Word. In our times, and I would suspect in any times too, it is of great benefit to remind ourselves of the manner in which the Saints speak about the Holy Mysteries and the area in which they are offered. Indeed, it is more than evident that the almighty grace of God sanctifies not only the gifts of the Eucharist but also the place, the temple, in which they are offered. This sanctification, according to St. Sebastian, is greater than what transpired with Moses at the burning bush on Sinai.

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On God’s Creation of the World, Angels, and Men

In this video I give a review of St. John of Damascus’ Book 2 on the Exposition of the Orthodox Faith. St. John of Damascus is one of the most significant Church Fathers, and his writings on the Orthodox faith is treated as a systematic theology book par excellence, he is highly revered both east and west and his life is inspiring, for the life of St. John of Damascus, watch this:

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On Truth and Love

Below the reader will find the work of St. Theophan the Recluse, “On Truth and Love.” On some of my social media accounts, I posted the recent statement from the Synod of the OCA, “On Same-Sex Relations and Sexual Identity.” In it, Glory to God, the Synod upholds Orthodox teaching. It was striking to me how a number of folks “Online,” even those claiming to be Orthodox, were decrying the statement as “unloving” and such. St. Theophan addressed the modern miss application of “love.” Sadly, many who would be Christians have put their faith in the message of the world over that of the Gospel and Holy Fathers. Everyone will choose to believe something. The modern message of “love” is not truly more loving, rather those who claim to be Christians and who accept it have made a willful choice. They have made a choice to believe the world over Christ and His Church. The type of “love” they champion is not Chrisitan Love but a false love that St. Theophan calls “indifferentism.”

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