Climate Change, Elite Powers, and Christianity

Climate Change, Elite Powers, and Christianity

I remember back to my elementary school days in the 1980s, I had a sweet bowl-cut, knee-high socks – yes, white with colored stripes on the top – plaid shorts and a long underwear shirt under my tee-shirt. Yes, I was bold enough to mix plaid and stripes. Sometimes I think the 90’s Grunge movement saw some of my childhood pictures and just copied them. But I have no proof. In those days of terrible fashion, I can remember sitting in school and being instructed in the emerging doctrine of the progressive seclorum – environmentalism. Of course, at that time it was simply called “global warming” and today the dogmatic title is “climate change.” Frightening images of ecological disasters were presented as the grim future that awaited us. Environmental doom was coming, no one knew the day or the hour for certain, but coming it is, this they taught as a certainty. The only possible hope of salvation was to hearken to the voices crying out on behalf of the environment. We must all work together to “save the planet.” On a basic level, a laudable endeavor. No sane human person wants the earth to implode on itself. As many in my generation, I have been instructed in the seclorum’s apocalyptic end-times dogma of “climate change.”[1]

My goal in this article is to not even attempt to gauge any climate alterations, nor will I wade into any supposed “scientific evidence.” Climate or environment or weather or nature or whatever we call it, is a funny thing. It is always changing. In fact, change seems to be an integral part of it. Change is an inescapable aspect of living in time. It is also clear that human actions and choices affect nature. This, no one will dispute.

My goal is to briefly examine the ideological reality, which is dogmatic and religious in its expressions, of modern environmentalism.

Sadly, in our times even a number of Orthodox leaders are actively promoting the message of environmentalism. The message of modern environmentalism is drastically different from the true Christian message of care for God’s creation. No one would dispute that Christians are called to be good stewards of the creation that surrounds us.

Repent, for the climate gods are angry!

Environmentalism is a staple doctrine in any globalist organization, governmental, NGO, or priviate. It is also part of the host of doctrinal necessities that Western powers demand other peoples and nations confess. You will believe, or else. Although there is much that could be covered in this secular aspect and manifestation, my focus will be on specific religious manifestations, with special focus on certain voices within Orthodox Christianity.

A clear example of the general religious manifestation is the multi-faith event that took place in November of 2022 at Sinai. It took place in conjunction with the COP 27 UN climate conference in Egypt. A primary goal of the religious gathering at Sinai was to offer “Climate repentance.” Participants gathered to seek a new vision for humanity, “We come to Sinai in a movement of repentance and quest. We seek a new vision for humanity and its endangered existence, and we seek to receive and amplify a message of life-sustaining living and habits that humanity needs to hear today.”[2] To whom repentance is being offered is never made abundantly clear, but what is clear to the sober Christian is that the participants were not offering repentance to Jesus Christ.

The religious representatives gathered on Sinai composed a new “Ten Commandments” of climate change.[3] These “commandments” are formulate with inclusive religious language and principles that echo the modern environmentalist agenda. The gathering boasted of being comprised of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and so forth. In a ceremony intended to call to mind certain actions of Moses, the participants smashed pre-made tablets on the top of Sinai. One of the main leaders of the event made this statement before smashing his tablets, “When it comes to the leaders of the world who are gathering at COP 27: there’s a lot of talk, there’s some action, but there’s not enough to be able to keep the world to one and a half degrees on the warming. The whole world needs to cut our emissions by half by 2030, and they’re not yet. We take these Green Commandments, we look down to Sharm El-Sheikh, and we’re not satisfied.”[4] The leaders hoped that their actions will inspire the people of the world to live according to climate principles and carry out actions for climate justice. Dire warnings were issued if people do not heed the cries coming from the new prophets on Sinai.

Not personally being present, yet not desiring to let such an environmental event pass him by, the Patriarch of Istanbul, Bartholomew, sent a message and greeting to the assembled religious adherents, “Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, also known as the Green Patriarch, issued a statement ahead of the climate repentance ceremony and said that ‘The abuse of nature and the exploitation of its resources are a sin against God the Creator and the gift of creation’.”[5] A common feature of these types of events is that “God” is always named in a general manner, never specifically. Thus, whoever the religious participants maybe, they can call to mind their “God.” Any purported Christian participants never use the Name of Jesus, nor do they mention the Holy Trinity – the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This has deep ecumenical (in the modern sense) reasons because ultimately the goal is a synthesized new world religion. Environmentalism is an integral confession of this new religion. It is not Christian in the least.

The Green Patriarch

Bartholomew of Istanbul has diligently advanced himself in the seclorum, as noted above, as the “Green Patriarch” – the Orthodox voice of concern for the environment. And should we not, as Christians, be concerned to be good stewards of the Lord’s creation around us? Of course. The issue that may be raised with the “Green Patriarch,” and others following his lead, is this – the message is not uniquely Christian Orthodox but rather is a rehashing of the message of modern environmentalism in some Orthodox verbiage and trappings. By this means, a new ethos is potentially introduced into the minds of Orthodox Christians. For it should be clear – the ethos of environmentalism is drastically different from the Orthodox ethos.

The modern goals of environmentalism serve not for any good of people or creation. Rather, it is a mode by which very anti-Christian leaders and powers may advance a very specific agenda. Generally speaking this agenda is tightly bound to the control of world populations together with all of its resources.

The Patriarch of Istanbul has clear and deep ties to the “power elite” of the novo seclorum. He is a frequent participant at the elite gathering in Davos, under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF).[6] It is of interest to note that the predominate drivers of modern environmentalism are ultra rich “elites” who live extravagant lifestyles. The bare-bones cost of attending the Davos gathering starts at 70,000 dollars.[7] Spending absurd amounts of money, flying in personal planes, hosting lavish parties, maintaining private militia, and so on, are all done, to some degree, by the those gathered at Davos, but of course it is only out of the deepest concern for the environment and the poor! Most of us peasants can feel the love radiating from them as they fly in their personal planes to their multi-million dollar mansions (one of many no less!). Of course, such sacrifice is inspiring. We should all just be grateful. After all, they are philanthropists!

It should strike us as odd that substantial funding for both the message of “climate change” and the implementation of its goals, comes in bulk from the ultra wealthy who “consume” the most and have horded the most wealth for themselves. The “worldwide consensus” that humanity has “misused the earth” is primarily formulated through agencies deeply under their influence, funding, and control. Why would that be, I wonder? Why are those “consuming” the most, the greatest proponents of “climate change?”

The Message

The terminology of the agenda of the novos ordo seclorum with regard to environmentalism is patently repeated by religious leaders such as Bartholomew. In his address at the turning of the Orthodox Church new year (September 1st), the blatant promotion of environmentalism is evident. Sadly, this beautiful season of the Church calendar has been co-opted by “Orthodox” climate activists to promote the new climate gospel. Hear ye, and heed the climate prophets! The Patriarch of Istanbul says, “Sustainable development is a one-way street. It will secure ecological balance in the present and constitute a guarantee for the future, but it has its conditions: ecological economy, changes in agricultural and biomechanical productivity, the production and use of energy, the movement and transportation of goods, new models of consumption, and so on.”[8] This phrase could have been lifted out of any “climate” document, so lock step is its wording.

“Sustainable development” is one of the prominent goals of the global elite. It is promoted as one of the primary answers to the “environmental crisis.” As just one example, the globalist organization of UNESCO is a strong promoter of “Sustainable Development” (SD).[9] It is a cover for the top down technocratic control of almost every aspect of human life. The standards are not based upon anything remotely Christian, or even any true care for life and the “environment,” rather they are governed by certain men who think themselves to be gods on earth. The goals are framed in quaint terminology – “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions!” Hurrah! – under which lurks a diabolical system of slavery. “Smart cities” and “Digital passports”[10] (a digital form of ID similar to what is currently being used in China) are all part of the “Sustainable Development” goals. The digitization of everything is very important for these goals. The Internet of Things[11] and the Internet of Bodies[12] are both tied up in SD goals too. AI and transhumanism are also vital factors of consideration. Yes, be assured, all of the selfless multimillionaires and billionaires will absolutely make sure equality is equally advanced, surely those who have amassed unheard of amounts of worldly wealth (some with incomes more than individual Nations) for themselves are the models of self-sacrifice and should be held up as examples for the rest of humanity.

It is interesting to briefly note, a founder and developer of UNSECO was Julian Huxley. He, it is well known, had no love for Christianity in the least and was a fervent evolutionist. The philosophy that he outlines for UNESCO has anything but the glory of the Holy Trinity in mind or the well-being of humanity in any meaningful sense of the phrase.

Yet, Bartholomew teaches that this goal is a “one way street,” which take as you will, could very well imply that it is the only way forward, there is no turning around. It, he says, will “secure ecological balance” and is a “guarantee for the future.” What of our Lord? Well, unfortunately He didn’t proclaim the security and guarantee of sustainable development. Maybe that is why they want a new god? Bartholomew is very correct when he makes clear the agenda he is actively and willingly promoting has “conditions.” These conditions, in the minds of the elite, are non-negotiable and will be applied, like it or not. The science gods have conditions, you must fulfill them or suffer their wrath. If you read climate change literature, you will note that frequently it is stated “everyone” must participate.

Certain prominent religious leaders have a very important role to fulfill, they must use the new language of the seclorum’s doctrines in their teachings, interspersed with language that is familiar to their religious listeners, so to predispose those adherents under them to the new message of salvation.

In another address, this one at Notre Dame in October of 2021, the Patriarch of Istanbul proclaims, “Both climate change and the coronavirus pandemic are rightly labeled as crises. You may be aware that the etymological root of the word “crisis” (κρίσις) is a Greek word that signifies “judgment.” The truth is that we are all judged by our response to or rejection of defining moments in our lives. Ironically, the strategies used to dismiss climate change and Covid-19 adhere to a similar pattern and are adopted by the same people. Both climate and Covid therefore present us with an unprecedented problem but at the same time an unparalleled opportunity.”[13] (And why yes, I am one of those “some people” he is speaking of!) Covidism and environmentalism go hand-in-hand. The goal is the same. The same actors are behind each of them. Moreover, we learn that we are being “judged” by our response to the ideologies of environmentalism and covidism.

It is interesting how a number of other globalist voices also proclaim that these “crises” present a unparalleled opportunity to “build back better and fairer.”[14] And, of course, all this must be carried out under the guiding dogma of sustainability (SD). There is no other way.

He then reminds people of the need of “science,” “In this respect, it is an important but humbling lesson that the Church has learned during this time: namely, that religion must function and serve in connection with – and never in isolation from – science. Faith alone will not overcome the problems of our time; but the challenges of our time will certainly not be overcome without faith. Research and medicine are gifts from God; they supply answers to the question ‘how?’ Faith and theology are also gifts from God; they provide responses to the question ‘Why?’”[15] Vital to the modern age is the infallible oracle of “science.” And as we are told, we will not overcome without it. A problem is that science is not an innate good in and of itself. It carries the potential to work for good, but as history shows us, it carries just as much potential for evil (Soviet experiments anyone?). “Medicine” can also be abused and used for destruction (Tuskegee experiments anyone?[16] But remember, just trust the experts). One may simply look to the quickly amassing deaths and adverse effects from a recently lauded savior – the covid “vaccine” – as an example. How it was lauded by some religious leaders as even a “moral necessity,” how it was proclaimed as the hope and light at the end of the “covid tunnel.” It was nectar straight from the altar of the science gods! How dare you scorn it, imbecile! And now people are dying from blood clots, myocarditis, and so forth. The “science” gods seem rather unconcerned with human well-being and life after all. Forgive me if I question the prophets of the science gods on “climate change.”

Sadly, faith has not been working in a meaningful way with science, rather in covid times, much of what are called “faith communities” simply became mouth pieces for the pseudo-science that was being promoted. They were disturbingly subservient to the purported “science.” It is now clear that the prophets of the science gods lied and possibly made a large profit of cash by exploiting the sufferings and death of other humans.[17] Gasp, shock! But don’t worry folks, it will be different with “climate change,” this time the elites really do care! Just trust them this time. After all the Green Patriarch says to.[18]I sincerely hope that the person of Pat. Bartholomew finds the Kingdom of Heaven, I am not in any way condemning his person. He will answer, as we all will, before our Lord Jesus Christ. I am … Continue reading I’m sure it will be even more refreshing than covid lockdowns.

As the tragedy of human sickness and death was inhumanly exploited to advance certain ideological agendas (and very questionable “medicine”) so the natural human concern for nature (creation) is being exploited by certain power groups for agendas of control and enslavement. And sadly even certain Orthodox leaders are also encouraging us to enslave ourselves to these godless powers, this time in the matter of “climate change.”

Its underlying agenda must be questioned. And we should be very careful of using its language when we speak about the true Christian understanding of creation. I hope we have learned something from the covid experience (I keep referencing it here because Pat. Bartholomew tied covidism and environmentalism together). I hope maybe we have learned that as Christians we must question – in the Light of Truth – the narrative that the novo seclorum feeds to us.

Only science and medicine subjected to the eternal Truth of Jesus Christ will work for good in our world. Science and medicine devoid of the governance of Jesus Christ can stray into the realms of unspeakably terrifying atrocities. They cannot be without Faith but the Faith can be without them, unto eternity. (For more on this see my article “Just Follow the Science.”)

And Others too

Of course, Archbp. Elpidophoros of the Greek Archdiocese in America will not be left out of the “climate” spot light. He has proudly stated that he has a “friend” in Joe Biden, who we all know is fervently pushing the “green agenda” no matter the current damage it may bring (how about the pollution of lithium mining anyone?[19] A component that is vital for the batteries used in “electric cars” and “solar energy.” That is just one example.) “Elpidophoros says that everyone can make a difference by ‘scaling back their own climate imprint, and by behaving in the public sphere – whether through their franchise or consumer choices – to encourage environmental justice.’” [20]

Sadly other hierarchs have also simply repeated in an untested manner the message of “climate change.” Some have repeated almost verbatim the “climate change” prophecy of drastic harm to future generations, primarily in third world countries. (Oh, wait, the same countries that are currently exploited by the Western Powers and not many are too concerned about it? Those countries?). I believe it is very dangerous to utilize the vocabulary of environmentalism, such as “carbon footprint” and so forth. This is but another goal of “Sustainability” (SD). The goal is to reduce most people’s nebulous “footprint” to “zero.” But, let it be clear, the power elite will not reduce theirs to zero, no, they are the gods and have been given to power to command others to live in environmental austerity for the sake of expiating the sins of humanity against the “environment.” You should be honored to endure self-flagellation for the sake of propitiating the climate! In fact, it seems, the climate gods crave human sacrifice. Net zero footprint for all the peasants is an important goal of organizations like the WEF.[21] Personal “carbon footprints” would be tied to digital IDs and the total mechanism of control that is being pursued by the power elite. These people are actively pursuing demonic and antihuman goals.

The use of the language of environmentalism within Christian contexts begins to introduce “another gospel.” This gospel has its own deities, dogmas, sins, acts of repentance, and its own means of salvation, all of which have nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why are some Orthodox voices encouraging the faithful to subject themselves to an agenda that is extremely questionable (to say the least) in its goals, and one that is driven almost exclusively by those who are very anti-Christian? Why are we being instructed to follow after a new god?

What agreement does Christ have with Belial?” (2 Cor. 6:15)

This post has become a bit long and there is more to cover. It looks like I will be writing a part two.

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Husband, father, and Priest.

Schooling: Kharkov State University (Ukraine); Brownsville School of Ministry; St. Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary (M.Div.).

Author and illustrator of St. Patrick, Enlightener of the Irish Lands (Conciliar Press, out of print) and illustrator of The Life of St. Brigid (authored by Jane G. Meyer).

Proprietor and writer at the Inkless Pen Blog, at which, based on the foundation of the teachings of Orthodox Christianity, a wide variety of topics are addressed. Fr. Zechariah has translated some works by St. Dimitry of Rostov and New Hieromartyr Seraphim (Zvesdensky), these translations are also available on his blog.


18 I sincerely hope that the person of Pat. Bartholomew finds the Kingdom of Heaven, I am not in any way condemning his person. He will answer, as we all will, before our Lord Jesus Christ. I am speaking against public statements of teaching that he has made.
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