Green Shepherds for the Global Fleecing

Green Shepherds for the Global Fleecing

Cursed is the person who has hoped in humankind and who will lean the flesh of his arm on him and his heart is removed from the Lord,” Jeremiah 17:1

The “climate change” agenda, as it is expounded by Government agencies, foundations, corporations, and so forth is much more about the control of humanity than it is about “saving the planet.”

A core teaching of “climate change” is that humanity itself is the primary problem. The proponents of “climate change” clearly state things like, “Scientists have no doubt that humans are causing global warming.”[1] What then is the vital cure, in their understanding? – A strict management of people and the manner in which they live. This management agenda is outlined in “Sustainable Development” principles.[2] A strict and highly regulated restructuring, rethinking, and refashioning of human behavior and activity, encompassing societies, are called for. These measures are a must, so they say, due to the very dangerous antropogenic (human-induced) interference with the climate system.

Since humanity itself is the “sin” that is corrupting the environment, austere measures are not only called for but justified. A type of merit-based system is proposed, the merit gauge comes in terms of “carbon.” A system of transactions based upon “carbon credits and offsets”[3] is proposed as the impartial judge for all. The only possible way for a person (or group of persons) to make himself redeemable is to reduce his “carbon footprint” – his transgressions in carbon. The urgent need is that everyone must reduce their purported “footprint” to zero. Those who do will receive some kind of “rewards” and those who do not will receive corrections and even punishments.

As I noted in my previous article, a system of digital tracing is vital for this system to operate. A comprehensive digital ID/passport will be a fundamental tool in tracking, rewarding, and punishing the populations. These IDs will also regulate compliance in other areas of life, such as medical status, and vaccinations, together with the person’s level of compliance with the approved and prevailing thought narrative. In brief, a systematic digital social crediting apparatus. The digital ID[4] will then be transitioned to an implantable form in the body, of course for security and ease.[5] It will initially be offered as a choice and then most likely mandated. It is important to note that the digitizing of currencies by central banks is also very important to these goals. Smart Cities, 15 Minute Cities, and so forth are also deeply tied to the climate agenda, as I’ve noted before. Technocratic management of humanity is the only way to save the planet!

It is worth wondering why most of the offered cures for “climate change” only drive people into a more technologically dependent way of living? Very rarely do we hear from any of the global entities, so loudly proclaiming “climate change,” that possibly a more natural (less technological) and truly simple way of life might be helpful, no more technological control of persons is the only way to save the environment! Hmmm …

Why is it that Trillion Dollar companies, such as the elusive BlackRock group (one of the world’s largest “assets” managers), are deeply invested in “Sustainability” and the climate agenda?[6] For more on BlackRock please see this article … Continue reading As a side, it is this group that has been given the top spot in “rebuilding” Ukraine.[7]

Institutions such as the UN are already running “partnerships” to study Smart Cities and the use of AI in those cities. One of the primary “partners” is China, no less.[8] A fun-sounding motto by which to “sell” it to people is, “Build back better and greener!”[9] Of course, the motto reflects the view that the covid “crisis” offered a specific opportunity to “rebuild” the world. A survey of any major elite or global institution reveals that the same spirit is echoed in all of them. As but another example, the Rockefeller Foundation clearly proclaims in their article “Powering a Green and Equitable Recovery,” “We know there is no going back to some pre-Covid-19 version of normal. This is a time to reimagine the future to assure it aligns better with our values.”[10] There it is in their own words – better align the future with “our” values. What are their values, and moreover as Christians we should ask this vital question – do these values have anything to do with True Christianity?

China, of course, was one of the most austere countries in its “covid lockdowns,” and utilized numerous technological devices to enforce compliance on its populations. Shanghai became a virtual prison city with aerial drones, proclaiming, “curb your souls desire for freedom.”[11] China is also one of the countries in the world that has manifested evidently the intent to control and “reduce” its population. Forced abortions and sterilizations have been prominent in this agenda.[12] It is no mistake that the UN has “partnered” with China.

And we may also ask why is “climate change” being so aggressively promoted and pushed on the world, in a very top-down manner, by organizations and governmental entities that have very little true concern for people in general? Elite groups such as the “Club of Rome” themselves testify to this concerted elite push, “Despite three decades of intense activity by NGOs, progressive business, governments, official bodies and international organisations, it is virtually impossible to now limit temperature increases to the lower 1.5°C limit of the Paris climate agreement.”[13]Climate Emergency Plan, Club of Rome, PDF.

A thorough investigation of the underlying goals of the “climate agenda” reveals that it is not so much about a positive care for nature but rather a systematic control of people and societies. It is a technocratic control, and the power strings will be in the hands of the “chosen few” of the global “elite” (that is their plan and desire). As we learned with covidism, people in normal circumstances will be more resistant to relinquishing ways of living and “rights,” and yet under the threat of a “crisis” large segments of people become very willing to subject their lives, families, workplaces, churches, and so forth to regulations and controls which otherwise they would not. (Although, I am glad a large number of people resisted the sinister agenda revealed in covidism and beyond.) Thus, a crisis is a very productive mode by which to alter human behavior. It seems clear from my limited research that this is a fundamental goal of the “climate/green agenda.” (For a more detailed critique of aspects of the climate change agenda, please take a look at this article by James Perloff.)

So this brings me back to my question at the end of my last article, Why are some Orthodox voices encouraging the faithful to subject themselves to an agenda that is extremely questionable (to say the least) in its goals, and one that is driven almost exclusively by those who are very anti-Christian? Why are we being instructed to follow after a new god?

A number of prominent “Christian” voices are not only calling people to adhere to the globalist “climate agenda,” but they are also framing it within “moral” constructs and even divine commandment. Pope Francis teaches, “The care of the environment and the fight against climate change is not a lofty goal for humanity but a moral imperative.”[14] Bartholomew, Patriarch of Istanbul, frames the climate agenda in terms of “divine commandment,” “Tending to and caring for this creation is not a political whim or a social fashion. It is a divine commandment; it is a religious obligation. It is no less than the will of God that we leave as light a footprint on our environment.”[15]

As I’ve said already,[16]See the previous article Christians obviously should be good stewards of the creation around us; there is a very clear Christian teaching and manner for pursuing this. Yet, is this the teaching that some prominent Christian leaders are calling us to? Although some Christian language, framework, and ideas are being used, the question must be asked – what are the underlying principles they are calling us to? In numerous cases, it seems evident that it is not a truly Orthodox Christian answer but rather the secular “climate” answer, which is formulated by elite and globalist organizations, and framed in Christian terms. What is the meaning behind certain Christian leaders calling us to “reduce” our “carbon footprints?” What does it mean to become “ecologically responsible,” or that “eco-justice is paramount,” or when Christians are called upon to embrace a “radical reversal of our perspectives and practices?”

Are the global proponents of “climate change” seeking to build a society upon Christian principles or anti-christian principles? If on anti-christian principles then they are building another kingdom of antichrist.

In calling Christians to reduce their carbon footprints, for example, are these Christian leaders encouraging their people to submit to the whole proposed system of control that will be utilized – the powers of this world make that explicit – to enforce a carbon zero agenda? I think these leaders should elaborate. What are they asking of their people? Do they agree with the agenda of “smart cities” as a means to manage “carbon,” do they agree with a complete system of digital tracking of carbon credits and offsets for every person? And that this should be managed in a technocratic manner? Do they agree that people should try eating mealworms instead of beef, for instance, which is a real proposal by agencies such as the WHO and the EU.[17] Do they believe that the anti-christian, ultra-wealthy, and powerful of this world are the ones who should be managing a proposed “rationing of meat and fuel” to further the explicitly stated “Great Rest?”[18] Is that “equitable” in any way? (One may wonder why these ultra-wealthy do not start by leading by example and distributing their billions and trillions now to feed the poor and help those in need if they indeed care so much.)

But if it is not a call to embrace the totality of the “carbon footprint” construct, then why are we as Christians even using such language? Do we not have any language or teaching that is able to convey the true Christian understanding of the relationship between mankind and creation? And if we do (which we do), then why are we not utilizing it to counter what seems to be a very questionable agenda by a host of godless powers under the facade of “climate change?” Why, I would ask of these Christian leaders, are we using these questionable constructs and promoting them to Christian people?

Once again it seems that through a seemingly slight shift, the orientation of Christians is being changed. The answer – the savior – in the “climate agenda” is not Jesus Christ or anything to do with Him. It is rather the radical implantation of certain methods by institutions, as it has been made clear, that are not Christian in the least. So, why, we as Christians should ask (again), would we follow them? What virtue have they shown forth that would elicit my allegiance to them and their supposed goal of “saving the planet?” What life have they proven that I should trust their cure for the environment and humanity? Are they men of God that I should follow them and their ideas?

The whole of creation is not suffering because of humanity, but because of the sin and evil humanity willingly cooperates with. Creation, nature, is in turmoil ultimately because of the evil that mankind works through sin (see my article, “The Worst Pollutant” where I elaborate on this principle). So, I’m at a loss to understand how following the agenda of organizations that blatantly promote what is sin according to Orthodox Christian Truth, will in any way make things better. How will following the lead of organizations that aggressively promote abortions, population control, total acceptance of sexual perversions, the ideology of “transgenderism,” the mutilation and sterilization of children, medical experimentation that lead to both injury and death, and moreover are leading the attack on any form of traditional Christianity (we could say any longstanding traditional culture for that matter), how is it that these groups are worthy of Christian trust; how is it that we should be promoting their ideologies and utilizing their terminologies in what seems to be a wholesale manner?

The means of salvation in “climate change” is the acceptance into your heart of the principles of “Sustainable Development,” and attuning your life to its principles is the goal. And this is being preached by certain Christian leaders, to the extent that one begins to wonder, are we called to be shining lights for Christ Jesus or “ecological imperative?”

As sinister global powers seek to advance systems of deep control (slavery) over people, will Christian Shepherds speak up on behalf of their people? Will they warn and rebuke these powers? Or will they become mouthpieces of this system of control, encouraging their people to unquestioningly follow after the emerging anti-Christian methodologies and by doing so apostatize from the Lord Jesus? Will they seek the “gifts” from the powers of this world, and consult the “rational logic” of the fallen age rather than the wisdom of the Gospel? Will they fleece the flock to ensure their own place and well-being in the emerging order?

Will Orthodox clergy follow the example of martyrs such as St. Philip of Moscow who rebuked Ivan the Terrible for his abuse of worldly authority and atrocities, and paid for it with his life?[19] Or will we follow the pathetic example of Sergius Stragorodsky of Moscow who as hundreds of thousands of Orthodox were being martyred in Soviet Russia, chose to secure himself in an alliance with a godless State, and even proclaimed “there is no persecution” in the Soviet Union.[20]

The global promoters of “climate change” actively seek after religious leaders who will preach their message, “The Secretary-General (of the UN, my note) welcomes the contributions of all religious leaders and people of influence in responding to the climate challenge and in strengthening sustainable development.”[21] Thus, it should not be surprising that some “Christian” leaders are wooed. Although, it should greatly grieve us.

In such cases, it may well be that these words of the prophet Ezekiel will apply (and may my own ears be the first to hear!), “The Lord says, ‘O shepherds of Israel, should shepherds feed themselves? Should not shepherds feed the sheep? Look! You consume the milk and wear the wool and slaughter the fatling, and you do not feed My sheep! You did not strengthen the feeble, or revive the ill or bind the crushed or return the stray, or seek the perishing, and you oppressed the strong with hardship. And My sheep were scattered because there were no shepherds, and they became food for all the beasts of the field. And My sheep were scattered in every mountain and on every high hill and on the face of the land, and there was no one searching for them’” (Ezekiel 34:1-6).

The flock of Christ belongs to the Lord, and the shepherds are called to be good stewards of the Lord’s flock. But the flock does not belong to the shepherds. They must lead them only by the pure and proven words of our Lord, the Apostles, and the holy Fathers. A true shepherd will be ready to lay his life down for the sheep, and not beat them and fleece them for his own advantage, ideologies, and whims. Neither will he willingly auction them off to the slaughterhouses of this world.

St. Dimitry of Rostov echos the prophet Ezekiel when he writes (may my heart be first to respond!), “Still we seek Thee, O Lord. We seek Thee amid the ministers of the sacred ranks. Where else would Christ be but in His ministers, amidst those who bear His image? But one hardly finds Christ in them. Practically all of them care only about themselves, they desire good for themselves and not the benefit of the people, they tend to themselves and not Christ’s flock. Let us, first of all, turn our attention to the Hierarchy of the sacred ranks, and ask one of them (if only he will answer honestly): with what intent does he govern, and does he strive toward the precious purity of his spiritual dignity? Does he serve only for the glory and honor of God, or for his own glory and honor? For the salvation of mankind’s soul, or for his own enrichment? Does he tend Christ’s sheep, or does he feed only himself? In truth, we would find not one who attained his rank so much for the glory and honor of God as for his own love of honor; not so much for the common good, as for his own mercenary profit. Such a one has come, not to serve for the salvation of mankind’s soul but to receive service from those under his care; he has come, not to be a father and pastor, but a lord and master. May those in the highest spiritual ranks forgive me! I am not speaking about everyone, only about some.”[22] pg. 73.

My dear friends, let us indeed seek our Lord and be good stewards of His creation. Let us repent of our sins, our participation in the rebellion against the Lord God. Only He will heal us and our world.

And let us not follow the “green path,” for its underlying goals are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The climate agenda will never lead to the restoration or well-being of the earth, it will only facilitate further disaster and destruction. It will lead to unprecedented control and slavery, but maybe that will just be a physical manifestation of the spiritual state of humanity.

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Husband, father, and Priest.

Schooling: Kharkov State University (Ukraine); Brownsville School of Ministry; St. Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary (M.Div.).

Author and illustrator of St. Patrick, Enlightener of the Irish Lands (Conciliar Press, out of print) and illustrator of The Life of St. Brigid (authored by Jane G. Meyer).

Proprietor and writer at the Inkless Pen Blog, at which, based on the foundation of the teachings of Orthodox Christianity, a wide variety of topics are addressed. Fr. Zechariah has translated some works by St. Dimitry of Rostov and New Hieromartyr Seraphim (Zvesdensky), these translations are also available on his blog.


6 For more on BlackRock please see this article –
13 Climate Emergency Plan, Club of Rome, PDF.
16 See the previous article
22 pg. 73.
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