Seeking Theosis in a Nihilistic World

Seeking Theosis in a Nihilistic World

I read online, some very disturbing information. It seems that when polls are taken around the country as to what religious affiliation people have, that for the first time in our nation’s history, the common thread is none no religion. No religious affiliation. No identity with any kind of religion, let alone Christianity. This is extremely the opposite of what it was like when I was in high school. I could remember everyone that I knew in high school, belong to some church. That didn’t mean they were serious about their faith, but it meant that they at least identified as Christian. And now, most people in this country, especially young people, identified themselves as none, no religious affiliation whatsoever. Which means that most people in this country have embraced a form of nihilism…

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Fr. Tryphon is the Abbot of the Monastery of the All-Merciful Saviour, which was established in 1986 by Archimandrite Dimitry (Egoroff) of blessed memory. The Monastery is under the omophore of His Eminence Kyrill, Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America, of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

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